Focus, Let Go and Flow

My method of creating is fluid art as I love how colors combined flow together and create new patterns and colors schemes on the canvas… it makes it a journey of surprise for me too. Yet I do like to have a composition come alive on the canvas, something meaningful. So, my method is one of Focus, Let Go and Flow. To start, I close my eyes and set an intend for the specific painting. For commissions I often focus on my clients uplifted when they see the painting in the future. Often it is something like, the outcome will uplift the soul and expand the mind. Then I sit still for a few moments just concentrated on that intend. When fully felt inside, I let Go and let the paint flow, following my inner guidance. This has made the journey of becoming an artist magical for myself and created some unexpected pieces that touched not only my soul… but others as well. Let’s see if there is one that touches yours.