I don’t view painting as a hobby or a profession, it is simply a way of expressing the flow inside at moments of inspiration. Where I would otherwise sign in the shower, hug a stranger or dance down the road, I now have found another outlet for this state of inspiration. Thats all.

Do or don’t, there is no try

I love and live as much as possible this quote from Yoda. To me life is a stream of inspirations and pauses… when the pause is there I do nothing but stare into nature, contemplate and rest… when the inspiration hits is when I flow with it… I never try to do anything anymore… it is as my wise teacher Ramtha once explained ‘an effort against resistance’, yourself being the effort and the resistance at the same time. So do or don’t. There is no Try………….

Landscapes 88
Wildlife 93
Business 98
Lifestyle 84